Tasha K Fumbling The Bag Hardt

Tasha K and Cardi B are currently in a nasty court battle for defamation of Cardi B’s character. During the trial, Cardi’s B’s team continued to object to Tasha K’s legal team because the blogger’s team was coaching her and trying to help Tasha K during questioning. So Cardi’s team objected. The judge had to intervene and told Tasha K’s team to stop telling her how to answer the questions. To say the least, seemingly the blogger was unprepared.


What Was Going On In The Courtroom

According to another heavily followed blogger; other bloggers and elite were in the courtroom, so Tasha K tried her best to remain poised; commanding the stage and well put together. However, that ‘act’ didn’t hold up too well for her. Allegedly her mic kept falling, as she was also at a loss for words so it was evident she was not prepared for court.


Not A Good Look For Tasha K

Things got so out of order, they ended up having to take a break in the courtroom and read instructions to the jury; because the defense (Tasha K) kept trying to “lead” her in answering the questions; which is illegal. She was talking too fast, having to ask her to continuously slow down. Tasha K says Cardi B just wants to settle, but she doesn’t want to. She wants Cardi B to pay her instead. Tasha K lost her countersuit and admitted to lying; which was used in court. They didn’t get far because Tasha K’s legal team is hoping for a mistrial. Court ended early and will resume tomorrow.

How The Mistrial Almost Happened

Tasha K’s team tried to enter evidence that was excluded during pre-trial. One being a compilation video of evidence of Cardi B increminating herself, however the video had to be split up in various exhibits. Meanwhile it was already thrown out; because it was also entered at the last minute. Thus, the court had to take the recess until tomorrow.

What Is A Mistrial

A mistrial is where the trial gets thrown out and must restart with a whole new jury. Time is wasted, and people are recalled to only begin all over again.

The mistrial would benefit Latasha Transrina Kebe AKA Tasha K because she damaged her case by admitting she lied on Cardi B for money, clicks and views to the jury. She said she put her merch link under the false headline about the rapper so that people would see the headline and click the link, hence getting a ‘bag’.

Tasha K’s Husband Threw Her Under The Bus During Court

The real tea here is that the bloggers husband wants nothing to do with this drama. And he let it be known in court Wednesday. When the attorney’s cross examined her husband, Cheick Nahk, he denied having any control over the videos his wife posted; contrary to Tasha K saying he did; because he was the President of her blog and youtube podcast, also named Kebe Studios. However her husband denied that as well, saying he was the owner, not the President of Kebe studios.

Essentially, he was saying that the videos could have come down, but his wife didn’t want them taken down, nor did she make any moves to remove them altogether. Prosecution pushed back on that; asking him if he knew the difference between being a President and an owner. After maintaining his answer, he also said he had no control over whether the videos were removed. The husband does the trademarking and branding for the business. The trial will resume tomorrow, we will be report back.

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