Mother Of Nine Year Old Girl Allegedly Assaulted By CNN Employee Speaks Out


John Griffin who worked as lead producer at CNN has been accused of grooming young girls for sex. After pleading guilty to three counts of child sex trafficking; the indictment alleges the disgraced and misplaced CNN employee used BDSM websites to communicate to adult women. He would then solicit them to bring their children along to his home for sexual “subservient” training.

The mother of a nine year old girl John Griffin abused wants to remain anonymous for the protection of the child said in court; “I want everyone to humanize my little baby princess because she is a little girl. If you were to see her and see how fun and gorgeous and wonderful she is, that even though they did this to her, she’s still going to be okay”.

The Mom Speaks Out About John Griffin

“My child was the last to be abused. The last! Other girls that they’re talking about came before my daughter, so people knew about this ish”.


“I have lost hope in the system completely,” said Catherine, 38, in an exclusive interview with Fox News. “The fact that they knew this man, what he was, and what he did to her, and they did nothing for a year and a half, is mind-blowing.”

Currently, according to the girls’ attorney, she was flown to a protective custody environment in Connecticut.

“You can just imagine how traumatic being subjected to something like this is; and particularly for a child who’s that age,” Joel Faxon, who is representing the girl in a multimillion-dollar civil lawsuit against Griffin, told Fox News Digital. “She’s in a protected environment now, and thank God she’s there.”

Additionally, the attorney for the girl, named ‘Jane Doe’ is seeking $15 million in damages and fees. However; it’s still unclear why the adopted mom flew to Griffin’s home in the first place. And then for such abuse to take place multiple times is insane and unacceptable. We are unsure as to why the mother is not charged as well. Also, where was Griffin’s wife in all this? Did she not know, was she oblivious? Did she think these strangers were in her home just for fun? These puzzling questions still have yet to be answered.

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