Ari Fletcher Says She Used To Date Women


Kinda weird that we’ve been seeing a lot of Ari Fletcher lately since the domestic violence drama. Almost as if she was cancelled. However, none of that stopped the business woman; she was on Power 105.1 this week announcing her partnership with Fashionova for a womens shelter for domestic violence victims. Then she was on Angela Yee’s lipservice talking about the likes of her and MoneyBagg Yo’s relationship. They discussed how Ari would want to be proposed to, and all sorts of things pertaining to their relationship.

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Ari Fletcher

When it came to the topic of them having threesomes; Ari disclosed that the threesomes are moreso for her since she loves them so much; because her first sexual encounter was actually with a woman and not a man. The influencer shared that she’s been thinking about adding a ‘girlfriend’ to the mix on a permament basis. Moreover, she said she really likes women and she was in a whole relationship with a woman for two years. When Angela asked why they broke up, she said it was basically too much drama, they’d both end up badly beaten and in the hospital. So they decided to end the relationship.

Ari Fletcher Wants Another Girlfriend

She explained that if she brings a ‘girlfriend’ into the mix, she would be a playtoy for Moneybagg yo, but ultimately her girlfriend, not his. Fletcher doesn’t want the attention taken from her, nor does she want her boyfriend to fall in love with the girl or do more for her than Ari. She wants the girlfriend pretty much as a fixture in their relationship, but moreso for her. I know, complicated right?


Peoples reactions to the podcast were overall annoyed that she chose to tell the world that information. Accusing the influencer of still….talking too much and not knowing what to say.

One person commented, “she need a diary”. Someone else, said, “Whatever floats your boat girl”.

Another commenter said, “Who’s letteing her do this podcast/interview tour??”

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