Only Fans Creator Claims She Has Two Vaginas


Whew Chile… Yep you read that title correctly. And don’t shoot the messenger. I just work here. Anyhoo, an Only Fans content creator with two lady parts claims she used both of them for separate occasions.

During a doctor’s visit at the age of 20, Evelyn Miller was diagnosed with didelphic uterus. In a nut shell, it’s essentially having two uterus. The genesis of the rare condition forms inside a female fetus while in the womb.

The Australian woman would grow up and fall in love, however the upshot of the love affair failed. Thus, after that, the social media influencer got into escorting, which was about seven years ago. While escorting, Miller claims having two vaginas ‘worked’ for her career in both an emotional and physical aspect. She claimed to use the left one for work, and the right one for pleasure. Eventually, she quit being an escort and started her Only Fans.

a woman wearing a hat: An OnlyFans creator with 2 vaginas said she's trying to find a second G-spot

‘I was able to use one vagina for work and one vagina for my personal life, which made the work a lot easier emotionally and physically for me. After I quit this, I started OnlyFans, filming adult content with both vaginas – and it’s been very, very successful.’

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