Kanye West Accused Of Punching Fan After Asking For His Autograph


According to Daily Mail around 3 a.m. Thursday; Ye was approached by a man who claimed himself as a doting fan outside the Soho warehouse in downtown Los Angeles.

Furthermore, in a video obtained by TMZ you can hear West screaming at the person; ‘Get Away from Me’. Nonetheless, West detailed his version of the incident; claiming the man was not a fan; rather he was attempting to get autographs to make a profit off of them. Nonetheless, Kanye admittedly punched the man knocking him out after he allegedly harrassed him for an autograph. He’s now being charged with battery.

Kanye West Speaks Out About The Incident

“It was 3 a.m. in front of the Warehouse. I’m saying, ‘You don’t know what I’m dealing with right now.’ I just finished these two songs; I came from the studio,” West said, adding: “And this dude, he just had this real attitude; like, ‘What you gonna do? And see that?’ Imma just tell you; that blue COVID mask ain’t stop that knockout, you know what I’m saying?”

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“So as far as the paparazzi goes, it wasn’t a fan,” he claimed, according to Entertainment Tonight‘s sneak peek. The incident came after Ye attended a party and dinner with his girlfriend Julia Fox, Floyd Mayweather, and some other celebrity friends.

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Ye says the man had been following him

“So I end up getting into an altercation with the guy that wanted to make money off of my autographs; then my cousin pulls up and she’s talking to me,” he continued. “I say, ‘Give me a breather. Get away from me.’ She is not taking accountability for the fact that she did not do what she was supposed to do; and that added to me being in a mood where I was like, ‘I am not going to have this.'”

Aside, Kanye West has been going through a lot, with his divorce from Kim Kardashian. Furthermore, recently he claims he wasn’t even invited to his daughter’s birthday party after he and his wife have been publicly dating other people. Kanye begged for his wife back during a Larry Hoover show but Kim didn’t beckon to the call.

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