Tsunami Advisory Issued for Hawaii


WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND- A tsunami advisory is now in effect following a volcanic eruption in Tonga on Saturday. Although the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says they’re not expecting a tsunami, they still warn against an earthquake. But waves were slamming ashore the sea levels; thus experiencing a volcano eruption in Hanalei; causing people to rush to shore levels.

Tsunami Warnings

The Islands Business news site reported that a convoy of police and military evacuated King Tupou VI of Tonga from his palace near the shore. He was one of many residents heading for the higher ground. However there are no injuries reported; thankfully. Believe it or not; during this time, and shortly after, the islanders had no communication.

As well as that, another alert was triggered in Fiji and American Samoa; where waves of almost a meter high were spotted in the capital Pago Pago. However; the alert was later lifted in Samoa.

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Tonda island

Nonetheless, a video showing massive waves in Tonga island went viral engulfing nearby homes and buildings. The video was posted by a Twitter user identified as Dr Faka’iloatonga Taumoefolau.

“Can literally hear volcano erupting; pretty violent sounds,” he wrote, adding in a later post, “Ash and tiny pebbles raining; darkness blanketing the sky.”


Reports of damages in Tonga were limited; as internet connection was lost at 6:40 p.m. local time; according to the Associated Press.

Nonetheless, California was hit with a flood due to the aftermath of the volcanic eruption.

Moreover, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services warned that the “massive volcanic eruption” could result in “strong wave activity for 24 hours; and possible damage to boats, harbors; beaches and other critical infrastructure.”

The National Weather Service’s San Francisco office issued a tsunami advisory to include most of the Bay Area; and all of the coastline in the area; plus some inland areas as far as Napa.

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