Marilyn Mosby Baltimore Prosecutor Indicted On Federal Charges

The States Attorney for Baltimore MD, since 2015; Marilyn Mosby was indicted on Thursday for financial perjury among other crimes. She was indicted three days ago, but she will continue to serve the city, according to ABC2.

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Marilyn Mosby

The charges stem from her requesting a one time withdrawal from her pension of $40,000 in May of 2020; and another 50K in December 2020; claiming financial hardship due to the pandemic. However, she purchased two vacation homes in Florida during the stint of time she withdrew the pension money. Nonetheless, she’s also accused of withholding a tax lien. However she and her attorney claim they have no knowledge nor any access to such data.

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Mosby maintains her innocence and pleads not guilty to the charges.

“I am innocent of the charges that have been levied against me and I intend to fight with every ounce in my being”, she said on Friday. The charges come as Marilyn Mosby seeks a third term as Baltimore’s State Attorney. So the outcome of her reputation plays a major role in the future of her career.

When Mosby Started

If you’re not familiar with Mosby; your recollection may be sparked when a fiesty, well orated, passionate Black woman publicly charged six officers for the killing of Freddie Gray. And Mosby actually became Baltimore’s State Attorney the year Gray was killed, 2015.

The Freddie Gray case changed Baltimore forever; instigating a new push for stronger police accountability laws. Moreover, this set the precedent in Baltimore and in cities across the country for implementing significant police reform.

“That accountability ultimately led to reform; and because of that reform; we had a spotlight on the entrenched police corruption in one of the largest police agencies in the country,” Mosby told CNN.


Last year, Mosby sought counsel to release elderly prisoners from jail, while decriminalizing marijuana. Baltimore State’s Attorney revealed on December 7 that her office is plannig to reduce the black population in prisons throughout the state.

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The manner in which Mosby intends to accomplish this effort is by invoking the pandemic; and recent judicial rulings that afforded early releases of inmates; to curb the spread of COVID-19 within the prison system.


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