Man Ran Over His Wife Outside Of Silver Spring Bank

MARYLAND- On Friday, a Maryland man intentionally ran over his wife inside a Silver Spring bank parking lot on New Hampshire Ave. Currently; there’s no reports about what transpired before the incident; nonetheless. Neighbors are outraged; describing the tragedy like a ‘bad movie scene’.

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Silver Spring Capital One bank

On Friday morning; a 59 year old woman went inside a Capital One bank; and when she came out; her 59 year old husband knocked over a column off the bank; ran over his wife with a White Lexus SUV and slammed into several poles in the bank’s parking lot.

The woman is currently dead and according to the news outlets; there were no exchanged words or anything leading up to the horrific murder. Thus; making it really odd that such a turn of events would transpire in such a quiet and reserved neighborhood. Plus the couple is in their older ages; seems like they should be able to talk things out at this point. Nonetheless, they’re pushing 60 years old.

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Husband ran over his wife at a Capital One Bank

Aside, police wanted to emphasize that this was an isolated incident; and there is no threat to the community; as the rep for the neighborhood is quiet and peaceful. However, right now the victim’s family is being contacted; so her name is anonymous at this time. In the meantime; sending well wishes to the victim’s family and friends.

Himanshu Maganlal Tanna was taken into custody at Montgomery County’s Central Processing unit; and has been charged with First Degree Murder. He is currently being held without bond. No reports about when the trial or court dates will be yet. This story is still developing.

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