Prince Andrew Claims A 500K Settlement Blocks Legal Action Against Him

Jeffrey Epstein paid the victim $500,000 as hush money. Which essentially stops her from being able to take legal action against Prince Andrew. But apparently, that settlement is null and void because the Prince is still facing a sex case trial after the judge dismissed a motion to throw out the lawsuit.

Prince Andrew and 17 year old Virginia Roberts-Giuffre

The Duke Of York is sweating bullets trying to avoid this case but he’s going to have to face it. New York Judge Kaplan threw out the application to revoke the case in court on Monday. Virginia Roberts accuses Prince Andrew of forcing her to have sex with him when she was a teenager; three times in 2001 at Epstein’s various residences.

Virginia Roberts

Moreover, allegedly under the direction of Epstein, the victim was ordered to have sexual relations with the Duke of York. However, Andrew has denied the accusations and hasn’t yet been charged or convicted. According to Daily Mail; he argued the case does not stand because of a newly unsealed a 12-page $500,000 settlement with Epstein, which was made available Monday. Moreover, he’s been expertly advised to stay out of the U.S.; or else he could be served with subpeona ordering him to give evidence on oath; since he never followed through on his promise to coordinate with the FBI two years ago.


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