Maryland Man Robbed His Mom And Tried To Light Her On Fire


MARYLAND-20 year old Gabriel Diaw was arrested Sunday after breaking into his mother’s house on the 600 block of Baker Street in Cumberland Maryland; and tried to set her ablaze. Literally.

However, according to the Cumberland police the boy is being held at Allegheny Detention Center without bond. He’s being charged with first and second degree assault; burglary in the third and fourth degree; malicious destruction of property and reckless endangerment.

Allegheny Detention Center photo credit: Jared Wickerham

It’s unclear as to when his trial be held, but hopefully he won’t be released from the county jail. Last year around this time, Allegheny Detention Center released over 600 inmates due to COVID-19.


The victim; Diaws mom, told police that her son broke down three doors to get to her. When she attempted to call 911, Diaw beat her in the face with the phone, bruising her badly just before he poured gasoline on her and attempted to light her on fire. It’s unclear on details of how she got away. Apparently, the police got there in the nick of time. And even though her son beat her for trying to call the police, she was obviously able to get that call through, thankfully.

As a mom, I’m sure that was a nightmare for her that her son tried to kill her. And again, it’s unclear as to even why the son was so upset. Nonetheless, it’s irrevelant and his actions were unwarranted.

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