Celebrities Flock To The Home Of Bob Saget To Comfort His Family


Bob Saget is really gone and it’s still a hard pill to swallow. The sting of death is gravy intense. And it’s really hard especially when it’s sudden and unexpected. Bob Sagets death has left fans feeling stuck without cerulean days and unexplainable affliction.

Bob Saget made the world laugh. He was charismatic, charming, caring and doting. He was there for so many people, providing friendship, guidance and counsel to so many especially in the entertainment industry.

John Stamos Greets Kelly Rizzo, wife of Bob Saget at their Los Angeles home

But his family are the ‘main characters’ at this point in time. It’s good that the love Bob distributed can be circled back to Bob’s family with lamented condolences. Especially during the pandemic I’m sure his family really appreciates the rallying support. John Mayer showed up to the home to hug and support Rizzo and the girls.


According to TMZ, the comedian was found lying face-up on the bed, with his left arm across his chest, and his right arm lying beside him.

And after he was pronounced dead at the scene, authorities now believe that his cause of his death could be a heart attack, the outlet added. As we previously reported, police have already ruled out foul play.

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