Britney Spears’ Ex Stalked Families Home


Britney Spears’ ex husband was caught red-handedly stalking her mom’s Louisiana home last month simultaneously violating a restraining order that was placed against him. Jason Alexander and the pop singer were childhood friends who married in 2004. However the marriage lasted for literally only 55 hours; because the ‘Scream & Shout’ singer claimed she didn’t recall getting married.

Moreover, Spears left the marriage with no shared children between them, thankfully. However; he’s still having a hard time letting go. As he circled Lynee Spears home; he went so far as to journal his creepy behavior. He posted two videos; and a photo of the outside of Britney’s mother’s home to his Instagram account.

In one caption, Alexander wrote; Daddy Spears hiding behind gates @britneyspears,” referring to Spears’ father Jamie Spears; who lives nearby.


Weird flex right? Anyway; he was arrested and booked into the Tennessee Williamson County Jail; where he was charged with a violation of the pre-existing restraining order; as well as aggravated stalking. He bailed out at $30K after being slapped with probation for about a year; he’s also mandated to undergo a mental health evaluation; while having to submit random drug screenings.

Jason Alexander
Jason Alexander
Image: FilmMagic

Additionally, Alexander must continue to stay away from Britney; having no contact; and is due to be in court on February 17. Aside, this isn’t Alexander’s first time being reprimanded by the law. Last year he was arrested and charged with a DUI; along with a drug charge on January 26 while in Nashville, Tennessee.

Britney Spears Has Been Through A Lot

As she just came out of a tumultous conservatorship from her dad, Spears is attempting to move on her with her life. Wishing her nothing but the best.

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