Trial For Parents Of Ethan Crumbley


James, Ethan and Jennifer Crumbley showed up virtually to Rochester District Court on Friday from Oakland County Jail; for the November 30 murder their 15 year old son [Ethan Crumbley]committed at Oxford HS. Killing four people after a planned mass homicide, his parents are held at a $500,000 bond.

Attorney Shannon Smith asked the judge to reduce the bond to $100,000; which the judge denied. Smith argues that false and irrelevant statements were presented in regard to bond against Jennifer Crumbley about an extramarital affair; arguing that prosecution was just trying to further bring separation between James and Jennifer Crumbley. Further, claiming that they spoke with both parties and they have no concerns about infidelity.

“Your honor, there is no confict. We have explained and discussed the matter of extramarital relationships with our clients and there are no issue”, Smith stated.


Prosecuting attorney Karen McDonald highlighted the employment status for the couple. Living in Florida, the dad is a Doordash deliverer. Jennifer has been terminated since charges.

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Facebook live

The Crumbley’s Began Escape Plans Hours After Their Son Committed The Murderous Crimes

On November 30, at 4:42 Jennifer Crumbley texted contacts she needed to sell her horses. Her family members have been maintaining the horses, along with their items in storage amongst other affairs. Upon information from their bank accounts, they drove to a hotel; then purchased 4 cell phones; where only two of which were duplicate numbers that they provided to law enforcement. The other two phones were not submitted to law enforcement.

Finally, they drained their sons bank acccount of the available $3000; leaving him with a balance of $0.99.

Timeline Leading Up To The Murders

  • On December 1; around 9 a.m. they checked into a local hotel in Oakland County. At 11:23, more contacts were discussed of the sale of the horses for $5000.
  • On December 2 at 9a.m. a withdrawal of $2000 was made from their bank account. Text messages revealed they were aware they would be criminally charged the following day.
  • On December 3, at 9:30 ; the Crumbley’s checked out of the hotel. However, before leaving, they abandoned their second car in a back parking lot with the plates facing backward. Then, at 10:05 Jennifer responded to a text about finalizing the the sale of the horses, stating that they were awaiting charges to be made at 12:00. At 10:00 she made a call saying she needed somplace to sit.
  • At 11:23 All items being removed the home and being sold. According to ABC News Live,

Red Flags Everywhere

Ethan displayed a plethora of red flags. In March, he texted he thought it was a demon or a ghost inside the home, repeatedly. Sometimes the mom wouldn’t respond for hours. In May he tortured animals and recorded it. He beheaded a bird and recorded that too. According to court docs, he searched school shootings and firearms so often he received spam. He also purchased a Natzi coin from Amazon. He would regulary ask his parents about going shooting. Through all of these massive nefarious signs, the Crumbleys never scheduled therapy nor did they keep their firearms secured.

However, defense argued that prosecutions allegations that the firearms were not secure was false. She claims ‘the firearms were stored in a location known to the juvenile’.

“He explicately states, and I quote that ‘he has to find where his dad hid the firearm'”,the defense attorney said.

To add, he sent messages to his friends in August 2021 saying, “it’s time to shoot up the school jk jk jk”.

Ethan Crumbley, the teen accused in the Oxford High School shooting, waived his right to a probable cause hearing Friday, Jan. 7, 2022, in the 52-3 courtroom of Judge Carniak in Rochester Hills.

He made a home a video recording the mass murder he planned to commit and was surprised when his parents didn’t seem to notice or care. Additionally, he wrote pages and pages about what he was going to do in his journal.

Finally, a risk assesment for suicide was taken of Ethan Crumbley after disturbing pics were found in his desk at school of guns and violence. After that, the school immediately contacted Jennifer Crumbley, at which she never returned any of the notifications. Instead, she texted Ethan notified Ethan’s parents and his mom told him, “Don’t get caught next time”.

So there were a plethora of signs that led to this horrific crime. However, Ethan Crumbley refused his right to a preliminary trial and will await another bond hearing in two weeks.

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