Kentucky Teacher Fired After Telling Student ‘He Was Just Another Black Boy That Got Shot’

KENTUCKY- A Kentucky teacher at Marion C. Moore H.S. lost his job after poking fun at a victimized gunshot student along with a video showing the teacher pulling the students hair, while atop of him. But, allegedly it took five months to terminate the  science teacher who provoked 16- year old Jamir Strane. A Jefferson County Public School investigation was conducted and resulted in findings that the teacher “escalated the situation” and made “inappropriate comments” about the student, per a termination letter. 


Red Flags Everywhere

It’s also alleged that this teacher has a bad rep from four other school districts. First he got caught stalking his ex girlfriend in 2001 that cost him his (then) job.  At another district, Bennett called a noisy class ‘a bunch of monkeys’ and shook a student’s desk so hard he fell off it so it’s  unclear as to why this school hired him with his stained resume. Oh, he never put those incidences on the application however a simple background check should have sufficed.


Perhaps this situation could have been avoided. Nonetheless, it happened and he’s now fired again. Hopefully to never be able to step foot inside of a classroom. William Bennet admits to telling the student that, which provoked the student to whoop his ass.

The Mother Of The Student Is Taking Legal Action

Like how much is a person supposed to take? Black people have it hard enough as is. And if you disagree you are not living here in society. All you have to do is turn on the news. And if the past five years haven’t shown you, then you just don’t want to admit the ugly truth of racism still running rampant. In the meantime the students mother is suing the teacher for physical and emotional stress along with humiliation.

It’s so pastime and ridiculous. Anyway the incident happened at Morris High School in Louisville Kentucky on August 24, 2021.

The student-teacher fight was caught on video by another student who was standing by. The teacher admittedly provoked the student with what he said, thus getting punched in the face by the student. The teacher then dropped down on the student placing his body weight on him.

Another adult eventually breaks up the fight, but as Strane walks away from Bennett, Bennett ‘proceeded to engage in the altercation,’ according to the letter. Bennett reportedly followed Strane down the hallway, had a verbal exchange with the student, and kicked him. 

Strane, who had previously told outlets that he had been shot in a drive-by shooting in 2020, said he hit Bennett first because the teacher said he ‘would just be another black boy shot.’


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