Rihanna Drops Ari Fletcher From Savage X Fenty For Insulting Comments


Ooopppp Rihanna is not for play play. And it seemed Ariana learned the hard way, fumbling her bag for her mouthpiece. I’m sure she still ‘dont care’.

As we reported previously, Ari Fletcher went on a podcast and said some toxic things about relationships. She disclosed to the podcaster how she used to be so toxic in relationships that “she wanted her man to pull a gun on her to keep her from leaving him”.

But when fans responded with disdained domestic violence of their own, emphasizing how her statements were triggering for DV survivors, she took to YouTube to tell them, ” She didn’t care!”.


As you know Rihanna was in a domestic violence situation with former lover Chris Brown. And Ari Fletcher was an ambassador for Rihanna’s clothing line Savage X Fenty.

But after Ari Fletchers comments about how she didnt care about DV survivors stories apprently rubbed the billionaire entrepreneur the wrong way. And seemingly Rihanna dropped her like a bad habit.

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Rihanna Savage X Fenty

Rihanna has no problem ripping up a contract because recently she did the same thing to Draya for making a wreckless comment about MegTheeStallion being shot in the foot. She later apologized for it, unlike Ari Fletcher.

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