Calogero Duenes Killed While Carrying Cake Inside Chuck E. Cheeses


Calogero Duenes, a father celebrating his child’s birthday; was shot and killed senselessly Friday in a Houston Chuck E. Cheese parking lot. Thus, he never made it back inside the restaurant, ruining their daughter’s birthday celebration. He was just going to retrieve the birthday cake for the celebration and seemingly got into a heated and quick argument with a parking lot driver.

His wife Amber Uresti; and mother is obviously seeking answers. After trying to celebrate their daughter’s sixth birthday, Calogero Duenes was shot while carrying their daughters cake.

“He had no weapons,” his wife said. “He was holding my daughter’s birthday cake. My husband had nothing on him.”


Iresti was inside when the tragedy took place. Apparently a man in a burgundy Ford almost hit Calogero; who was seen arguing with him before shots were heard; before the shooter fled the scene, according to the police.

Texas man shot to death at Chuck E. Cheese while celebrating daughter's birthday photo 1
A father shot and killed at Chuck E Cheese

According to police, ‘after an argurment ensued between the driver and Duenes; the driver shot him.’ The funeral is set for January 10. Nonetheless, this story is horrific and tragic, leaving behind two fatherless children and his wife. Hopefully, the shooter will turn himself in so justice can be served to this grieving family.

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