Jim Jones Says He was Joking About His Mom Tongue Kissing Him

It’s funny how the universe can reveal things and force you to heal. On Angela Yee’s podcast, Jim Jones casually, in the heat of the conversation exposed an ugly truth about his childhood that sent the world in a craze.


Actor and music producer Jim Jones said his mom taught him how to tongue kiss, no instructions, but physically showing him.


At around the 31-minute mark of the latest episode of Yee’s Lip Service podcast, Jones said his mother was very open when it came to discussing sex and relationships when he was growing up.

“I learned my sex education from my mother. She told me everything about sex,” the 45-year-old shared. “My first condoms, everything like that. My moms taught me how to kiss when I was younger.”

Yee paused for a moment to press for more, and Jones specified that she taught him how to “tongue kiss.”

“It wasn’t no instructions, she showed me with her mouth,” Jim said.

Yee appeared shocked. Jones continued, “It’s my mother. … She showed me how to tongue kiss when I was younger, my mom was 17…she was a baby. Look at all the babies that’s having babies now and look how they act with their babies, it’s like they have a little sister or brother more than they have a child.”

But then Jim Jones came back to recant on his statements telling people to ‘chill out’ with that narrative. He claims it was just a joke and people take things too seriously.

“For the record, I love my mama more than anything in the world. And for the record, it was a joke,” he said. “You people take things way too far… That’s weak what y’all trying to project.”

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