A Massachusetts Man Receives A Get Well Card That Changed His Life


MASSACHUSETTS-Alexander McLeish,62, had no clue how his life was about to change. And you’ll never guess what was inside. This Thanksgiving holiday he landed himself in the hospital as he recovered from open-heart surgery he had earlier in the month.

The nurse walked into his room, handing him a yellow envelope with a get well soon card and some lottery stickets from a long time friend. When he got to the “$5,000,000 100x Cashword” ticket in his Attleborough, Massachusetts home, with his one of his sons right there beside him. As he continued to scratch off words on crossword puzzle looking ticket, the bottom word read “heart” and clenched in the million-dollar prize.

(Photo Credit: Massachusetts State Lottery)

Can you imagine? You never know what a small gesture can do to impact someone’s life. I’m sure the person who gifted him the scratch off ticket had no intention of him winning such a massive amount of money. But anyway, congratulations. Enjoy!!


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