2 Yrs No One Noticed Dissapearance Of 7-Yr Old Harmony Montgomery

A seven year old blind little girl named Harmony Montgomery went missing from her New Hampshire home in 2019, and was only just recently, in 2021 reported to the police. So in actuality, Harmony has been missing for two years,without anyone else noticing.


“For us to have a two-year delay, that is extremely concerning,” police chief Aldenberg said.


“That’s not something that happens to us on a regular basis. It doesn’t happen every day.”

The police chief also revealed that “many family members” have been spoken to as the investigation continues.

Stepmom Looks Suspicious in the Dissapearance Of Harmony Montgomery

What made the situation even more peculiar is that in Harmony’s absence; her stepmom went and got a food stamp card in the little girl’s name. Kayla Montgomery, the step mother of Harmony; shares three children with Harmony’s father.

Kayla’s Mom Maybe Covering For Her Daughter

Kayla’s mother, Christina Rubin, 51, is blaming her son in law, who has a criminal history with drug and alcohol abuse.

“Adam, for the first couple years was some sweet guy-but he’s not, he is pure evil”, she told Daily Mail. Looks like Grandma is not allowing her daughter to take any of the blame for the child missing.

Kayla Montgomery. – NH Attorney General

The Parents Are Now In Police Custody

However, Adam Montgomery is accused of allegedly making Harmony clean the toilet with a toothbrush and beating her in 2019 and “refused to provide the Manchester Police Department information leading to the whereabouts” of Harmony. However, on Wednesday, both Adam and his wife were arrested and charged with a second-degree felony assault charge; two misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child; and one misdemeanor count of interference with custody, a New Hampshire document states.


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