Tyra Banks Went Viral For Only Paying Top Model Contestants $40 A Day

And on top of that Tyra Banks made the girls pay for their food according to one of the participants. The reality TV series, which ran for 24 seasons from 2003 until 2018, has no shortage of jaw-droppingly shocking moments between Banks and the many hopeful contestants.


Tyra Banks Dragged On Twitter For Past Insensitive Comments

Ya’ll know how we love to listen and re-watch drama of the person trending. For instance, at the onset of R.Kelly’s trial, and even further, his music streams spiked the charts. Since the news trended about only paying the contestants $40 a day, past shows have been re-hashed and watched. In doing so, some of Tyra’s not so nice days re-surfaced, showing the TV personality hurling harsh and demeaning remarks at the girls.


Tyra Apologizes

Apparently, fans weren’t feelin the apology the runway model gave, because they came for her hard in the comments.

They Are Still On Tyra Banks Neck!

Following months of scrutiny, Tyra Banks began trending again on Twitter on Monday, January 3, 2022, for her treatment of Black contestants on the show.

“I’ll never forget when Tyra Banks told Danielle her gap wasn’t marketable and needs to close it up, but told Chelsey hers was cute and need to be enhanced,” one person tweeted, comparing how Banks advised one black and one white contestant with the same smile.


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