Amsterdam Cops Use Batons And Dogs To Thwart Protestors

Amsterdam citizens are fighting back against anti COVID-19 restrictions. Thus, demonstrators exercised their right at Museumplain, but it ended up in a bloody brawl and at least thirty arrests. According to reports, the protestors didn’t have authority to be there. They were invited to come by an anti lockdown group leader.


Apparently, the group is against the country’s new lockdown protocol; and they were told to meet “for coffee” in Museumplein near the Dutch capitol.


People Were Being Stopped On The Way To The Protest

There were so many people and more kept coming; even people who were on their way to the Museumplein were pulled off the road. To add, members of parliament Pepijn van Houwelingen (FVD) posted images on social media of a bus full of protesters being pulled over by the police.

A police officer yelled at them to turn around. “If you go into Amsterdam, you will all be stopped,” the officer said, threatening the passengers.

Nonetheless, it took massive strength to hold back 10,000 people as police had to break out batons and dogs to master the crowd. It got so chaotic that the city’s mayor Femke Halsema issued an emergency order to use necessary force to clear out the museum.

Overall, police made thirty arrests for various offenses; including disturbing public order; inability to identify oneself, and assault and illegal possession of weapons. But by Monday morning nine were still incarcerated; as seven of them are suspected of assault against police officers. And then finally, the other two were held on weapons possession charges.

According to reports; during the protest, the angry mob carried signs that read ‘Less repression, more care’; near the Van Gogh Museum in the city centre. To add; following the chaotic and unlawful demonstration; it was reported that four police were injured.

A protester holds a sign reading 'Vrijheid' or 'Freedom'

Even so, the effects of COVID-19 have brought on so much turmoil and division. Some blame political views for the pandemic; or even political leaders.

Museum Square Hotel, Amsterdam

COVID Cases Have Surged in Amsterdam

Over the last seven days, there have been 532 fresh infections reported per 100,000 people; with an average of 13,182 new cases each day.

An activist holds up a banner against the restrictions imposed to contain the spread of coronavirus

Thus, the numbers compare to 1,565 per 100,000 in the UK; and a record average of 149,513 positive cases daily; according to Reuters. Nonetheless, cases soared over the festive period; but Brits are being urged to learn to “live alongside” the virus in 2022; rather than deal with further measures described as an “absolute last resort”.


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