Porsha Williams Cousin Says Dennis Assaulted Her


In case you weren’t aware Real House of Atlanta’s very own Porsha Williams has a reality show called Porsha’s Family Matter, where sometimes unscripted issues occur on set. But this time, their ongoing issues have spilled onto social media. Dennis, who shares a daughter with Porsha, opened up about the root of their quarrel in the latest episode.

Porsha’s Family Matters’ stars Porsha Williams and Dennis McKinley (Bravo)

TMZ broke the story about Porsha and Dennis McKinney getting into a physical altercation derived from cheating accusations against Dennis. But after watching it back, Porsha’s cousin Storm couldn’t hold back putting Porsha’s ex-fiancé on blast. Storm claimed Dennis physically assaulted her during the family trip and sexually harassed her in the past. But Dennis claimed Storm is spewing out lies and is only trying to get a coin from him through legal action.

However, in a series of tweets obtained by the Shade Room, Storm stated, “Dennis physically assaulted me in Mexico. I’ve been silent long enough. This man has sexually harassed me & now a grown a** 40+ year old man physically assaulted me in Mexico. I’m sick of it!”


She continued, “Dennis is a pedophile. I was 18/19 back when I worked for him and sexually harassed me the [entire] time I worked in his establishments. I am a lesbian. We did not ever see each other outside of work & I have messages. Stop the [cap] nobody want his fat a**,” adding in another tweet, “This man sexually harassed me for months until I QUIT. I was not fired.”

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