Devon Franklin Speaks Publicly Since Divorce Announcement

Devon Franklin pours his heart out on his Instagram. Recently, social media took the news pretty hard that Meagan Goode and her husband were getting a divorce. Franklin filed first on December 20 in a Los Angeles Court. This comes as such a shock to fans since the couple was ideal in the Christian community especially. They waited until marriage to have sex and were very vocal about their abstinence. So much so they even wrote a book together entitled ‘The Wait’.

Image 1 - Wait Hardcover DeVon, Good, Meagan Franklin

So what couldn’t Devon Franklin be patient about anymore? Why was their nearly ten year marriage crumbling before our eyes?


Inside sources say the divorce had been ‘a longtime coming’.

Goode and Franklin Met On The Set Of A Film

Goode and Franklin wed in June 2012 in Malibu, California, after they met on the set of the movie Jumping the Broom in 2011; when he was working as a studio executive. Rumor has it that the couple just simply didn’t have the time to make the marriage work. Due to their busy careers, the scheduling of time became too conflicting. However, they both share sentiments that they are still in love and are walking along God’s chosen path at this time. However, on NYE the Houston actor had some more words he wanted to share, which pretty much made fans scratch their heads as to why he’s even filing for divorce in the first place if the love isn’t lost. He’s since deleted the Instagram post. Most likely due to some backlash that he was being dramatic and to leave the acting to his soon to be ex, Meagan Goode.

However, Pastor Devon wasn’t the only one with some NYE sentiments to share. Meagan took to her IG.

“ brought me the highest life changing affirming highs, and the lowest gut wrenching soulbreaking lows…although I’m grieving..I’m also in glorious awe and thankfulness to you God”, she wrote.


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