So You’re Thinking Of Starting A Podcast

If you need some extra cash, starting a podcast may be the easiest most fun thing you can do. Since the pandemic people globally have given their traditional jobs the boot. And maybe the person reading this is one of those people too. You’ve realized your potential and its far bigger than the cubicle you worked out of. So now that you’ve come to this revelation, now what?

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Maybe you thought about podcasting but felt like you weren’t qualified or knowledgeable in anything enough for people to actually listen to YOU. Fear not. You are not alone. There are lots of varieties you can choose to use for your platform from voice overs, to recorded books. Starting a new venture of any kind can feel intimidating. But I promise once you jump off the cliff; you begin to glide and eventually soar high.


Starting A Podcast is Fun

Not to mention, an outlet that gives you the freedom to share your points of view on various topics. Podcasts are vastly growing and becoming a part of technology that people prefer to use. Technology has branched off ubiquitously. With statistics showing how massive screentime can affect our mood and psyche, podcasting assists with cutting that screen time down.


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