Alexis Skye And Akbar V Beef On Social Media Has Gone Wild

Alexis Skye and Akbar V have been mercilessly at each other’s throats on social media. They both hit below the belt. Talking about their itchy coochies, doing drugs while pregnant. Any and everything they could dig up on each other was said. Rather embarrassing for both of them.


They accused one another of having herpes. Akbar accused Alexis of tooting cocaine on her couch while she was pregnant…Chile. It all started when Alexis responded to a question on IG that read, “Do you still associate with Akbar???” Alexis replied, “Who?”


Akbar said Alexis was messy and tweeted, “You only answer the ones like that to get a response. I would’ve just looked over the question and answered the positive ones… I’m so different the old me would’ve never mind… God bless you, stank.” Akbar followed up by tweeting, “Who? The one she was running from?”

Both Alexis and Akbar Are Mothers

Both of these queens are mothers and need to remember their children are watching. On one hand, Akbar accuses Alexis of snortin lines while being pregnant, but then Alexis says at least she even has her kids. Since Akbar has had hers taken away. The fact is that, we all have skeletons. No point in tearing each other down.

Alexis Skye Has Never Been Quiet About Her Relationship With Her Daughters Father

Skye has a daughter with Brandon Medford. She claims he is a dead beat and feels he is embarrassed of their daughter. Alexis Skye is also known for having a fling with Blac Cyna’s baby daddy, Rob Kardashian.


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