Texas Man Who Got $1.6M in PPP Loans Sentenced To Nine Years


Those PPP loans have the demise of lots of people, unfortunately. But after a Texas went on social media to floss his lamborghini and Rolex he’ll be spending nine years in jail. On Dec. 24,Sir Chuku Maurice, 44, was met with handcuffs at the Dulles airport at the departure gate for a flight to Germany. There had been a warrant on Ngare requested by the Cobb County, Georgia, sheriff’s office filed on Nov. 24.

According to the Secret Service, nearly 100 billion dollars of covid relief funds has been misused and abused. With almost 1,000 open investigations going on; people went crazy trying to get money from the government all in the ‘name of the pandemic’. From PPP loans to stimulus checks, the pandemic has been good for one thing. Free money. PPP loan stands for Paycheck Protection Program. But when people start to abuse the system, it takes away from those who really need the assistance. Obviously which isn’t fair.

Even Baby Blue from the R& B group Pretty Ricky got caught up too. smh. He was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison on Monday.


But even still he received over $420K in PPP loan funds yet he says he’s not the only celebrity who dipped into the PPP pool.

According to reports, the Grind With Me crooner falsified documents in order to secure PPP loans at an upwards amount of over $20 million. Allegedly the first loan was for $426,717; and the second was for $708,065. The 1997 top group founder attributed the loans to his companies – Throwbackjersey.com LLC and Blue Star Records LLC; ultimately in an attempt to avoid compensation.

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On top of that, just last year, Baby Blue, 37, was arrested for similar crimes. He used pandemic money to buy a $96,000 Ferrari. Again, taking money from the government for frivulous activities when real businesses were struggling.

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