Tennessee Woman Arrested On A Flight

Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

A Lebanese passenger on Spirit Airlines at BNA had so many alcoholic beverage, the attendants refused to serve her anymore. She got so inebriated she ended up being zip-tied and taken into custody after fighting with multiple flight attendants.

According to an arrest affidavit, Metro police received a call from Spirit Airlines around 7 p.m. involving a disruptive passenger flying into gate A1. She cut a fool so bad that passengers sitting next to her asked to be moved from their seats. Attendants also say they witnessed the woman puffing on a vape on the plane. Thus, flight attendants asked her to move for everyone’s safety, since she was sitting next to an emergency exit. Nonetheless, Henry refused to move. She grabbed her carry-on bag and ran to the front of the plane while screaming “I’m getting off this plane.”


When she started to dart off, she ran straight to the captain’s area, so flight attendants tried to block the woman. Especially not knowing the woman’s mindset and fearing for the captain’s safety.

It took an off duty firefighter to subdue the seemingly crazed, drunk woman until the police arrived. Henry reportedly kicked and hit the attendant and assaulted another as they tried to restrain her. Henry was arrested by police once in Nashville and she now faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Moreover, there have been over five thousand reports of airline misconduct since Covid spiked and mask mandates became more forceful.


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