Celebs Offer To Pay For The Funeral of 14 Year Old Valentina


Fourteen year old Valentina Orellan-Peralta was shot with an AR-15 while inside of a L.A. North Hollywood Burlington Coat Factory dressing room with her mom; when a bullet ricocheted off the floor into the wall of the dressing room; and ultimately peircing the little girl’s heart. The girl died in her mother’s arms.

“When the cops arrived, they escorted me out of the dressing room, leaving my kid unattended. I expected them to assist her, but they simply left her alone.”

Seeing a son or daughter die in your arms, Mrs Peralta added, is one of the “most profound pains any human being can experience.”


L.A. cops were attempting to apprehend a criminal when the 14 year old girl was shot and killed. They had received a 911 call about a possible shooting inside the retail store. Once they arrived, they found a man swinging a bicyble chair with a lock attached to it; swinging at people as they walked by. Ultimately, he injured 3 women, leaving another woman with gruesome, bloody injuries.

The officer who shot Valentina is on leave. The bodycam footage released Monday shows his fellow officers advising him to slow down before he kept shooting his firearm.

According to her family’s lawyer, Ben Crump, an outpour of celebs in the Hispanic community have offered to cover all funeral expenses. However on the contrary, neither the LAPD nor the City of Los Angeles has offered to help the family in any way.

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