Ari Fletcher Called MoneyBagg Yo Her Husband-Fans React


Everyone knows Ari Fletcher loves her some ‘him’ ( Moneybagg yo). They’ve been the flashy couple on IG now for nearly two years. They constantly show love for each other via their social media, he even flewed her in and bought her a lambo truck. Turning his other baby momma’s green with envy, he stops at nothing to show his love for Ari.

And although they are not married they seemingly live together. Ari has a son with gherbo. And Moneybagg Yo has eight kids with four different women.

Someone responded saying ‘ I thought that was Juicy husband😂’ Then someone replied, ‘That is juicy husband’. Just before someone else said, “Juicy doing the same shit u was doing to herb gal. (insert laughing emoji) u playing urself mamas. But we all know u gone keep hanging on for dear life.


Another commenter said,”Why she helping him get healthier and not herself first”.

Someone else, said “He not gon marry her she not wifey material”.

Wow Haters Gonna Hate

So Juicy is one of Moneybagg’s baby mommas. Fans claim Juicy is just as much Bag’s boo as Ari Fletcher is. Juicy’s real name is Whitney White. Both her and Ari Fletcher have been vocal about how they feel about one another on social media.

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