Texas School Shooter Re Arrested After A Substance Was Found In His System

The Arlington teenager accused of shooting four people during a typical school day inside Timberview High School in Arlington, Texas is back behind bars. He had originally bonded out and was sent home on house arrest. Police were called to the gruesome scene on October 6 and the shooter was taken into custody; later bonding out on a $75,000 bond.


However, per court records, 18 year old Timothy Simpkins was re-arrested Thursday on a bond violation after failing a urinalysis. Simpkins failed to adhere to the rules governed within the bond. Moreover, the stipulations within the bond was that he couldn’t be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Neither could he have any contact any of the victims; while keeping at a 1,000 foot distance of the school. On top of that, he is not allowed to handle any firearms.


Even still, for most of us the holidays consist of consuming spirits and enjoying various alcoholic beverages. However, when you’re on probation you have to adhere to the rules. Whether it’s the holiday season or not. So he’s landed himself in jail, getting arrested on Thursday, December 23 because allegedly there was drugs and alcohol found in his system, which has yet to be specified at this time.

Why Did The Texas School Shooter Fire His Weapon

According to the video surveillance provided by The Daily Mail, Simpkins was beaten up and bullied Simpkins prior to the shooting.

Pictures and videos of the Simpkins family throwing a welcome party after his release proved the support of his family; and they’d further alleged that ‘he brought a handgun to school for protection after being targeted by bullies for wearing nice clothes and driving a nice car.’

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What Happened On October 6

Additionally, a police report revealed that Simpkins got into a physical altercation with a fellow student, Zaccaeus Selby, 15 on the day of the October 6 shooting. Simpkins had Selby restrained just before he opened fire shooting his weapon 6-8 times in the air. Thus, Selby was left in critical condition, along with two teachers; one who was 25 year old and another who was pregnant along with a teenage girl.

Simpkins being bullied at school
Timberview High School was evacuated on October 6

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