Omicron Creates More Christmas Delays


Omicron is not letting up even during the holidays; as many travellers had to spend Christmas unplanned. Over hundreds of flights got cancelled Christmas Eve. Due to staffing shortages and bad weather in some areas; several airlines had to cancel flights. According to Dr. Fauci, getting the booster is going to diminish the rising covid numbers. However, the good news is that Omicron is not as painful as COVID-19, and the Delta strain.

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About 492 flights were cancelled on Christmas and 1,636 are already delayed for Sunday.

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On the podcast, I just had to share a viral video from Instagram on Kendra’s media live night show. A guy whose been on the show several times has received some negative feedback in regards to his dating ‘requirements’. As a 46 year old man, he’s seeking a woman in her late twenties so she can produce a child for him. Several women on the show have ‘come for Dave’ because they feel he’s too old for a woman that age and it gives ‘controlling’.

Subsequently, Dave and his requirements meet their match last Thursday when a women comes on and drags Dave for filth. The woman has received several nods from women saying she just ‘kept it real’ with Dave when he came back on the show to speak to Marilyn face to face. Dave got a little caught up on his words, and was a bit stuck when Marilyn gave him the tongue lashing, calling him a pedo and saying he wanted a child so bad ‘he’s willing to marry one’.

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