Britney Spears Claps Back At Christina Aguilera For Not Speaking Up For Her


Although Britney Spears has the support of her fans when it came down to being freed from her Daddy’s grip, she still had some bones to pick. And one of the biggest ones was with her long time friend Christina Aguilera. Britney’s conservatorship ended November 13 after a thirteen year battle at the hands of her dad, Jamie Spears.

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Britney Spears

According to E! News, the ‘Till The World Ends’ popstar called on her close celeb friends for support . Several of Britney’s friends spoke out on her behalf; from Mariah Carey to Kim Kardashian….speaking on behalf of the pop star. Showing support and rallying behind Spears during the tumultous time with her father. But when Christina Aguilera was asked about her opinion on the issue, she said, “She can’t speak on Britney’s legal situation but added that she was happy for her”. During the Latin Grammy’s red carpet interview, Aguilera’s publicist quickly interjected saying “No wer’e not doing that today.”

Aguilera obliged her publicist subliminal wishes and quickly retorded ‘But I’m happy for her’ before trotting off. Now Britney was less than thrilled at her friends nonchalant response on the red carpet; and she made it clear how she felt about the seemingly lack of support.


Britney Claps Back

“I love and adore everyone that supported me. But refusing to speak the truth is equivalent to a lie. Thirteen years being in a corrupt abusive system yet why is it such a hard topic for people to talk yet I am the one that went through it”.

Britney and Christina go way back to Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club days when they both were featured on the show pretty much as kids. As their careers expanded, they were pit against each other, with Aguilera being the ‘bad’ girl and Spears as the ‘angel’. But their friendship has remained strong through the years. Understandably, Britney expected her friend to support her.

Nonetheless, it was recently revealed that before Britney’s dad (Jamie Spears) took out the conservatorship on his daughter, he had received a $40,000 loan. On top of that, he’s still requesting money from Britney’s camp to cover legal fees; asking that it be paid in “prompt fashion”, according to TMZ.

Britney has testified about the turmoil her dad has caused,this is a sad situation.

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Jamie and Britney Spears

Britney Spears Has Good Things Coming

In other news, the ‘Toxic’ singer is planning her wedding to personal trainer and model Sam Asghari. But the gag is that her family is not invited to the wedding. A close source told US Weekly:

“Britney can’t wait to get married and truly start her life,” an insider reveals in the magazine’s latest issue. “They’ve already begun planning, and she is so happy she gets to finally make these decisions.” The source added that “as of now, there will be none of her family who is invited to wedding.” Bustle has reached out to Spears’ reps for comment and will update this story accordingly.

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