New Details Surface In The Torey Lanez And Meg Thee Stallion Case


Torey Lanez is still undergoing the legal battle involving bad bish rapper Meg Thee Stallion. She can’t even let the ink dry good on her new bachelor’s degree before she has to relive last summer’s nearly deadly fiasco with her ex-lover and friend, Torey Lanez.

This week new details surfaced surrounding the assault case where the Texas baddie was shot in the foot during an altercation after a pool party at Kylie Jenner’s home.

Detectives reported that during the July 2020 altercation; Lanez yelled “Dance, b*tch” before shooting Meg Thee Stallion in the foot. Additionally, its rumored that the other female in the van with Meg and Torey had gun smoke on her hands.


Torey Lanez is on House Arrest

Reports are swirling that the Canadian rapper is flaunting his ankle monitor like his freedom is a joke.

While Lanez, real name Daystar Peterson, was arrested on a charge of carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle, he was not arrested for allegedly shooting Megan, real name Megan Pete. (Lanez was released on $35,000 bail.) The Los Angeles Police Department reportedly had difficulties in finding witnesses who would help in their investigation. Some early reports even said that Megan’s injuries resulted from broken glass, not a gunshot.

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