Gorilla Glue Tessica Brown Had Another Hair Mishap


Awww Lawd… Not again. Just get a pressing comb and be done already sus. But we know she’s not gonna go that route. The more the complicated the better…. Apparently when it comes to Miss Brown. Because another one bites the dust. Two years after Beyonce’s longtime hairstylist, Neal Farinah, assisted Brown with a wig after using gorilla glue by accident in place of hair spray. Her hair was bound by gorilla glue for a month. IT was then the Lousiana woman went viral after documenting the fiasco on TikTok, garnering the attention of several celebrities. Two years later, the ‘hazardous hair bandit’ is trending again chile…. For the same issue. Hair.

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Even Beyonce is annoyed at this point

This time, the mishap involves her hair coming out of her head in chunks after a shotty dye job. I personally have very sensitive skin and cannot use regular dye on my scalp. I end up at urgent care. However, ‘Gorilla Glue Girl’ seems to want to live on the edge. After losing chunks of her hair, she underwent stem cell surgery for her tattered scalp. Since the first incident, she made some lemonade from those gorilla glue lemons and curated a hair care line. The costmetic oil is supposed to restore hair follicles. “The products I was using weren’t working,” says Brown, who started developing the formulas about two months ago. Her go-to for hair growth has been the Stimulating Oil. She likes to apply it once a day to the “front, back and each side.” Brown says, “I absolutely love it. I can’t believe what these products [do].”

Tessica Brown had another hair crisis just two years after Beyonce assisted her with a wig from the first hazardous hair fiasco.

Tessica Brown Had a Miscarriage

Back in June, Brown disclosed another rather tragic loss; she suffered a miscarriage. She said she rushed to the hospital after being unable to sleep due to terrible stomach pain, TMZ reported.


Tessica Brown, who has five kids from a previous relationship, said she cried when an ultrasound confirmed she had lost the baby girl after doctors tried listening for a heartbeat for 10 minutes.

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