Sony Playstation 5 Exec Fired After Attempting Sex With A 15 Year Old Boy

The Senior VP of Engineering at Sony Playstation 5, George Cacioppo; was fired Tuesday after being caught on camea attempting to have sex with a 15 year old boy. Unaware that he was baited into a sting operation, the top exec fell the for okey doke and got caught up. Glad he got caught we need to get these pedophiles and sex offenders off the streets.


In this day and time with internet usage being the main source of communication it’s impossible to keep tabs on all ends. Criminals have gotten better at their craft.


According to Daily Mail, Cacioppo was on the gay dating app, called Grindr when he met the ‘decoy’ online. But what was hidden from Cacioppo was that it really wasn’t a 15 year old boy, it was a You Tube channel called People vs. Preds.

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And the video has been viewed more than 80,000 times on YouTube. The conversations proved that Caioppo, who used the alias Jeff; was well aware of the decoy’s age.

Cacioppo was Engineering at Sony since 2013.

The conversations show that Jeff was aware that the boy he thought he was talking to had “just turned 15 2 weeks ago” before asking a series of sexually explicit questions and sending pornographic photos of himself.


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