Nick Cannon Breaks Down As His Son Zen Passed Away From A Tumor

Nick Cannon’s new show debuted October 18,2021. Yesterday some nudes went viral of him, before footage of his…well…’equipment’ sent the internet in a frenzy.


The talk show host was just trending after his ‘third leg’ was spotted on a tv talk show. But now, not even 24 hours later, Nick Cannon announced the death of his six month old son, Zen Scott Cannon.


Cannon emotionally explained he thought his son had sinuses, however it was fluid,lignant tumor in his head. he had to have surgery, with a shunk to drain all fluid out. But the doctors were concerned at Childrens Hospital Orange County, he claims he and childs mother were faithful and hopeful. However, he didn’t make it through the surgery. Zen’s mom is Alyssa, he gave a shout out to her for being ‘the best mom’ ever.

He said Thanksgiving brought on an interesting turn with the process speeding up, the tumor began to grow vastly. He broke down at the end of the video.

“I have so much faith in the Lord. I have so much faith in God. You know, people were telling me I should pray for a miracle. I did pray for a miracle. I prayed for a miracle of God’s strength”.

Nick Cannon Has Seven Kids

Cannon has gained notoriety these past couple years since he’s expanded his ‘tribe’, having now 7 children. A few months, he declared that he was celibate. However, recently Andy Cohen asked him the question we’d all been waiting on. The question was asked, who his favorite baby momma was. His response was,”My favorite baby mama is the next one because some of my past ones could still be my next one. That’s all I’m saying.”

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Just last month, though, amid his celibacy comment, he told rapper Saweetie he’s be willing to ‘go half on a baby with her’ after she posted on Instagram that she wanted kids.

Most likely he was joking, the comedian that he is. And although, right now he is grieving; I hope that he finds solitude and comfort. Rest easy, Zen.


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