Lil Wayne Pulls An AR-15 On His Security

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. AKA ‘Lil Wayne’ pulled out the ‘big guns’ literally over the weekend when one of his hired security guards thought that ‘ish was sweet’.


An alleged altercation took place in the ‘Mrs. Officer’s‘ hit-makers Hidden Hills, California home; when apparently the two got into a heated argument that turned physical.


Ooop Not Calling Lil Wayne A Liar

On December 1, apparently, at the ‘crack of dawn n yawnin’- a close source strongly denied the incident even happened. The guard has no marks or injuries. Oddly enough, the male hispanic guard doesn’t want to press charges. It’s also noted that police didn’t report any visual scars on the guard either, who made the 911 call. Nonetheless, it’s unclear at this time as to what really went down. However, one news outlet reported that the guard was attempting to leak some photos of Wayne. But Wayne hasn’t confirmed that.

The security guard stated that Carter “brandished a firearm during the altercation” and assaulted him with it. When police tried to make contact with the rapper, “he was no longer at the residence.”

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The Security Guard Changed His Mind And Wants To Press Charges

Update: 1/23/22

Geez…so now the security guard wants to press charges against the ‘Millionaire‘ rapper. Apparently the story is still developing. Stay tuned.


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