Several People Trapped Under Collapsed Building In Nigeria


NIGERIA- Even today it’s still unclear how many people are potentially under a collapsed building in Lagos, Nigeria after a luxury high rise in Nairobi Kenya [ still under construction], collapsed. All while hundreds of people were standing in and around the building, the structure disintegrated and ultimately crushed bystanders. The catastrpohe resulted in killing six people. Not to mention, there may still may be more people yet trapped under the building.

“Like 40 people were inside, I see 10 bodies because I climbed up”, said Peter Ajagbe, 26, one local worker on site.

Rescue workers were forced to dig through the rubble using excavators and power generated flood lights. Plus, some of the officials stated that many workers were caught inside the building when it collapsed.

Clearly [to say the least]; regulations are poorly enforced in the African city; thus leaving policies open and non committal. Finally, after discovering at least three survivors still stuck under the rubble; they were fortunately able to rescue them. However it didn’t come with ease, as rescuers were greeted with anger from the struggling survivors; understandably.


Meanwhile, Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhar called for rescue efforts to be quickly enforced as emergency services to include hospitals, to quickly line up with a responsive policy. So far, at least 45 people have died thus far, and seemingly those numbers continue to increase,as more bodies are found under the debris.

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