Jay-Z Plays Tug Of War With Perfume Company

Jay-Z is always making money moves. Some new, some old. Either way, he’s gonna be moving in all diretions. And you wont know which he’s coming. You just know he’s coming. Last month, he walked away from a legal battle with perfume company, Parlux Fragrances. Neither party received any coins. The jury ruled that neither party had successfully argued their case; ultimately rejected the perfume company’s allegations against H-O-V.


The fragrance empire basically accused the ‘Song Cry’ rapper of not promoting their brand as allegedly stated in the initial contract.


The jury also rejected a counterclaim filed by Jay-Z, accusing the company of failing to pay him approximately $6 million in royalties under the terms of the deal.

“You failed to prove your case, and they failed to prove their case,” New York state Supreme Court Justice Andrew Borrok said before excusing the jury, according to Law360.

Jay-Z says the company’s product was trash and he did not want his name attached to it. Aside ,Jay recently celebrated his 52nd birthday. Time is flying by, as his children are beautifully growing. His wife is glowing…I mean hey, he’s only living his dream life. But like Biggie said, ‘More Money Mo Problems’.

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In a statement, the ‘Big Pimpin’ rapper said, “I’d like to express my gratitude to the jury, especially during these difficult times”.


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