Parents Of Michigan School Shooter Plead Not Guilty

After basically being ‘on the run’ since Friday night; the parents of the Michigan school shooter finally made it to their arraignment Saturday morning via Zoom. The pair was charged on four counts of involuntary manslaughter apeice. After the charges were determined Friday morning, the couple was supposed to turn themselves into authories for the arraingment yet never showed. And instead, an anonymous tip was the catalyst to locating James and Jennifer Crumbley; who was found hiding in the basement of a Detroit commercial building right at a Canadian border.


The anonymous tipper noticed the Crumbley’s vehicle and reported it Friday night to authorities. Thus, a search took effect for hours until Saturday morning when polce found the Crumbley’s and took them into custody for the virtual arraingment. Undoubtedly, the Oakland County prosecutors are accusing Ethan’s parents of being non-responsive the day of the tragedy; while simultaneously being inundated with phone calls and emails from school. Not to mention a drawing with a disturbing message”blood everywhere” that was discovered in Ethan’s desk.


Prosecutor Karen McDonald was present during the arraingment hearing, calling attention to the texts previously sent between the school shooter and his parents. Adding that the father took his son along with him to purchase the firearm, brandishing it on their social media. McDonald also said that in a second reported incident a teacher found a drawing on the morning of the shooting, showing a gun pointing at words that read “the thoughts won’t stop, help me” and someone being shot twice.

The Arraingment Hearing

Ethan’s mom [Jennifer Crumbley] didn’t take kindly to the charges during the hearing; whereas she and her husband plead not guilty. Even crumbling into tears while trying to keep her composure as Judge Julie Nicholson combed through each of the charges; ensuring she [Crumbley] understood each one. Aside, the judge issued a $1 million dollar bond; with a breakdown of $500,000 a peice. Adding that if they bailed out, they’d be mandated to wear GPS monitoring.

“Mr. Crumbley purchased this weapon for his son, and…on [Nov. 27], Mrs. Crumbley…went to the shooting range with her son, posted on social media that it was a mother-son day, and that she…bought a gun for her baby for Christmas. It’s also clear from the facts that he had total access to this weapon and that it was for him”, McDonald concluded.

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Saturday, the Crumbley’s defense attorneys defended the sentiment that they intend to purposely go MIA. Emphasizing that ‘they had made plans to meet their lawyers early that morning’. Attorney Shannon Smith accused prosecutors of “cherry picking” facts to publicly disclose; including the allegation Ethan Crumbley had unrestricted access to the firearm.

“Our clients are just as devastated as everyone else,” Smith said, adding that the gun “was locked.” She didn’t provide more detail during Saturday’s hearing.

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Prosection Doesn’t Believe The Parents of the Michigan School Shooter Be Responsible Enough To Appear In Court On Their Own

Given the Crumbley’s track record over the past day, Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald isn’t buying that the Crumbley’s are going to move with integrity.

“This is a very serious, horrible, terrible murder and shooting, and it has affected the entire community, and these two individuals could have stopped it,” Oakland County Prosecutor Karen McDonald said.

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She also highlighted the fact that the Crumbley’s withdrew $4000 from the ATM via their bank account.

Prosecutors Discovered Disturbing Texts Between The Alleged Michigan School Shooter And His Mom

To make matters worse, prosecutors discovered a text from Jennifer Crumbley to her son saying ” lol I’m not mad at you have to learn not to get caught”.

“They had every reason to know that he was dangerous, and they gave him a weapon and they didn’t secure it and they allowed him free access to it,” she said.

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