Omicron Variant Found in the DMV


The new variant is spreading expeditiously throughout the U.S.; and has now been located in the DMV. Three cases in Baltimore, MD were detected on Friday night; two of them being from the same household and one of them had just returned from South Africa. The other case, unrelated to the other two; has no known recent travel history. The U.S. has been bracing itself for the rapid spread, ever since Wednesday when it was discovered in California. Since then, cases are popping up ubiquitously.

Nonetheless, governor Larry Hogan announced on Friday that the three people are vaccinated against COVID-19. Apart from this, both he and Biden are urging Americans to get the booster shot. “I urge Marylanders not to panic” Hogan said.

On Wednesday before the new detections in Maryland; Hogan assured, “If omicron does come to Maryland, we will find it. We continue to hope for the best, while also actively preparing for the worst. Adding, “We are taking every precaution; preparing to mobilize all available resources because our highest priority is to continue keeping Marylander safe.” At this point, we have yet to see how this urgency is handled.

baltimore sun

Even the World Health Organization has labeled Omicron as a “variant of concern”; due to the spike in cases in some areas. Above all, researchers are now working without a doubt to determine the validity of the covid variant strain to see if it is more contagious and deadly than earlier strains. 


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