Andy Cohen Shut Down Nene Leakes Hint To Her Returning to RHOA


Pump your breaks Miss Linnethia! Andy has shut down the southern hospitality hun. Just when you thought it was finna be all peachy with Mr. Cohen he might have added a touch of lemon to your palate.

Meanwhile, there’s no revolving doors Nene, if you let tv show host Andy Cohen tell it. Nene Leakes recently alluded to her desire to possibly return to RHOA; a franchise she feels she helped build. But when she left over the pandemic last year she was a bit salty leaving out the door. Nene made her first appearance on the reality tv show, Real Housewives of Atlanta in 2008, kicking out seven seasons.

“I think Andy and I were really close for a really, really long time and I love Benny Boo, and I helped pay for his baby shower and all those things. I think that Andy and I need to have a sit down and talk and then we’re off to the races”, Nene tells the Real.


But when Loni asked ‘Andrew’, as she kept calling him; he gave a quite shady response to Linnethia’s thoughts and assumptions. Watch below, and wait until the end.

Not Nene Trying To Bring Up The Fact That She Helped Andy With His Babyshower

Chile…Andy is not fooling with you Mrs. Leakes. Nene always has a gripe with someone. She recently went on a tirade about how Cynthia and the other girls didn’t show up for her when Gregg passed. God rest his soul.

In the meantime, Mrs. Leakes is keeping herself busy with the likes of her lounge, Linnethias. She’s recently seeking out interns for chefs in the kitchen; requesting the applicants basically wok for free for three months before she tells them yea or nay. Whew chile….well, I’m sure we will see you soon somewhere Nene. You always grind, you even did your thing on Glee from 2009-2015.

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