Two Reports Of Omicron Diagnosis in 5 U.S. States


Here we go ladies and gentlemen…the covid party isn’t over; because as of Thursday, a minimum of 9 cases have been reported thus far of the Omicron variant. So far, those states include Minnesota, Colorado, California, New York and Hawaii. Remember it was first found in California Wednesday; as the variant contines to spread like wildfire. On top of this, meanwhile, we still mainly need to be concerned about the Delta variant according to Dr. Fauci.

The New York Times reported a Christmas party in Oslo, Norway may have been a COVID-breeding farm. After half of the attendees came back with positive test results for COVID. One of the attendees had just returned from a South Africa trip. Lately, with the Omicron restricted travel bans, Americans breathe through and brace ourselves for yet another unknown ride.

Thankfully, though, President Biden has reacted pretty quickly to the sudden outbreak of disease; mandating that travelers take a covid test before and after air travel;regardless of vaccination status. Mostly all the vaccine companies have announced their plans to remonstrate Omicron. With Pfizer stating they’d be ready in about two weeks, while simultaneously encouraging people to get the booster shot.


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