Stacey Abrams Launches 2nd Campaign For Atlanta Governor


No matter what you say about Stacey Abrams, you can never say she’s not about her hustle. She doesn’t come to play. The Atlanta native is running for governor of Georgia for 2022. On Wednesday, she launced a campaign to promise to fight for economic balance and to make health care more accessible. Abrams is going up against Rep. Gov. Brian Kemp in the nation’s most competitive warzones.


Inspiration For Campaign

So, on Friday, Abrams told talk show host Rachel Maddow that one of her main reasons for inspiration is because of Washington, D.C. ‘s management of protecting voting rights.

Thus, serving in the Georgia House of Representatives for 10 years; Abrams (Democrat) has always been extremely passionate about the equality of voting rights and numbers. She announced on Wednesday her plan to run again for governor of Atlanta.

Stacey Abrams Twitter

Sources guestimate that we could see a similar competition from 2018; when Abrams and Kemp went up against one another doing their own thing to convince Georgians to vote. However, Stacey Abrams is pushing moreso for rural internet access and expanded Medicaid for Georgia residents. Let’s not forget Abrams founded Fair Fight Action, which was a primary tool in Biden’s electoral win.

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