Sheree Whitfield Boyfriend Sent Cease And Desist Letter To Bravo

Nope, you’d better not call Tyrone. In this instance. Tyrone Gilliam, that is….Sheree’s ex boyfriend. Because, he aint coming, and dont wanna be invited.

Unsure of what his current situation is, other than the fact that he and Sheree are not speaking, he sent Bravo a cease and desist letter.


Undoubtedly, according to the legal threat, obtained by TMZ, Tyrone says he never gave the production company permission for him to become a recurring ‘RHOA’ storyline. Even when he wasn’t actually on camera; he was often discussed by cast members, and he says the network’s been profiting off him without permission.

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Sheree Whitfield Reveals

Sheree soft launched her boo before he even appeared on the show. Tyrone Gilliams, the man Sheree Whitfield is dating ;details were revealed on LALATE exclusively over a year ago. In a trailer, on one of the episodes; Sheree admits she has a “prison boo”, and that she’s dating a convicted felon; and incarcerated Tyrone Gilliams. According to TMZ he was released early from prison due to COVID-19. Gilliams was sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2013 for wire fraud. The couple reunited in 2016.

Tyrone’s Name Was Mentioned Seasons Ago on TRHOATL

Undoubtedly, Tyrone was the center of that infamous NeNe Leakes vs Sheree Whitfield scene; where Leakes said “I am very rich, b-ch”. The scene focused on Sheree and Nene arguing over a business deal with a man named “Tyrone” gone bad. Sheree Whitfield told NeNe to fix her teeth; which was the last episode we’d see Sheree.

In 2018, Whitfield told Page Six that dating Gilliams was “very unconventional and something new for me.” She said the two communicated through love letters.Tyrone was convicted, along with his attorney; of stealing more than $5 million from their investors.

Sheree’s ex prison boo was out in here in these street portraying himself as a commodities trader and hip-hop promoter; as well as an up-and-coming philanthropist. Moreover, in an attempt to oversight his short comings; he threw a celebrity laced charity event that featured several celebrities; including Sean “Diddy” Combs.


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