Kimye Comes Together To Mourn The Loss Of Virgil Abloh

Swarms of A-List celebrities, athletes and fashion moguls attended the last Louis Vuitton show entitled ‘Virgil Was Here’. The memorial service honored the work and life of Louis Vuitton’s first Black creative director, Virgil Abloh.

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The brand’s CEO Michael Burke gave a moving speech telling the audience how it was Abloh’s family that gave the green light to have the memorial service to present the collection. Several artists and celebrities came together to grieve the loss of the artistic fashion mogul.

Virgil Abloh Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton released its late menswear design

And surprisingly, Kimye was in attendance too. They showed up together with their daughter North, amid pictures and rumors that Kim Kardashian was dating comedian Pete Davidson,28.

Kim K and Kanye’s Relationship History

The thing is that Kim filed for divorce earlier this year, so things have been rocky for the couple. Problems allegedly stemed from a plethora of things, but mainly Kanye was overwhelmed with the reality show; and he was also ‘acting out’ in public, doing and saying off the wall things that, at the very least, embarrased his wife. Things were really rocky for them at that point. Kanye came out with a new album, Donda, and Kim (and her family) showed up for support, dressed in all Black.

Kim Kardashian, North, Kanye West & Pharrell attending Virgil Abloh’s memorial service

Kanye Pleads For His Wife’s Return Home

In a Thanksgiving prayer at LA Mission last week, the ‘Flashing Lights’ rapper broke down with some deep self reflection; admitting he wasn’t perfect in his marriage. But that “it’s time to get the family back on this Thanksgiving. It’s all about getting the family back”, he told the crowd.

“I felt very fortunate to be able to wake up, exercise, drive home and meet my wife and children this morning.” He continues in emphasis, “Yes I told my wife and children, I want everyone to pray for my family. The story God wants is that you see that everything can be redeemed in all these relationships. We made a mistake. I made a mistake.”

He’s totally willing to forgive and forego any grievances from the sounds of it. And although, we know Kanye can say some some wild things, you have to admit, he sounds like a mature husband who is willing to do whatever it takes to keep his marriage together. And as he should, they share four children together.

“I have publicly done something unacceptable as a husband, but I am here to change the story”.

“If the enemy can pull Kimye apart, there are millions of families who feel that the separationis okay. I only think about how to get my family back and how to get my family bck and how to heal the pain I caused. I am responsible for my actions. A new word warning: misbehavior. I am common to all my successes and failures.” He continued to share his heartfelt feelings for his wife and children. It was big of him. I must say. Hopefully things work out in his favor.

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As an added note, it was nice that Kanye dedicated his service to his friend, Virgil Abloh.


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