A Fourth Student Pronounced Dead From The Michigan School Shooting


Authorities reported Wednesday that a fourth student[Justin Shilling] has been pronounced dead in regard to the Michigan school shooting. A 17 year old boy died in the school shooting that took place Tuesday afternoon; at Oxford High School near a Detroit suburb.

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So Tuesday night the students held a candlelight vigil at the LakePoint Community Church in Oxford, Michigan. Eight other people were injured and three others were killed when a 15 year old sophomore student ( Ethan Crumbly) opened fire. One of the surviving students is a 14 year old girl whose currently on a ventilator. Police discovered on Wednesday that the motive for the shootings was the ‘intent to kill’.

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Candlelight Vigil Held At LakePoint Church on Tuesday

Several students describe the horror that took place Tuesday afternoon at school; while a viral video parallels the stories with footage of students running out of the classrooms, seeking cover as 15 rounds were fired through barricaded doors. Students say a voice came over the intercom to announce there was an active shooter, but weren’t sure if it was a drill or not. Teachers rushed to secure the doors and windows when the incident popped off. Students, obviously were horrified, in tears as they contacted their parents.

Parents console their children as they pick them up from the Michigan School Shooting

The Student May Be Charged As An Adult in the Michigan School Shooting

Prosecutor Karen D. McDonald stated on Tuesday that her office ‘has begun the process of receiving information regarding the investigation’.

“He came out with the intent to kill people. He was shooting people at close range often times toward the head or chest,”Sherriff Michael Bouchard said on CNN Wednesday morning. “It’s chilling. It’s just absolutely cold-hearted murderous”.

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