Two Sisters Murdered On Their Front Lawn, Only In Their Twenties

GASTON, S.C.- Jaimey Green, 20 and her sister Jazzmyne Green,25 were declared dead at the scene of a double homicide that took place November 15. The unjustly murder happened on the 200 block of Woodcote Drive near Highway 321. On top of that, according to Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher; the women sustained gun wounds.

The shooter was identified by the coroner as Tyrone Durham, 27; who was found dead in his vehicle after allegedly turning the gun on himself.


The family of the two sisters spoke out to news media, “I’m trying to process it all,” said Gwendolyn Dwier, a family member of the victims. “I was praying it wasn’t true, but it is.”

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This story is still developing. Investigation is still in progress. In the meantime, anyone who saw or heard anything out of the ordinary on Woodcote Drive can share that info anonymously by calling 888-274-6372 or using the Crimestoppers app.


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