Former DA Jackie Johnson Now Charged In The Ahmad Arbery Case

Jackie Johnson, 49, [a now] former Georgia District Attorney, who defended William “Broddie” Bryan; in the Ahmad Arbery case; was arrested Wednesday, after turning herself into the Glynn County jail. However, she was released on a $10,000 bond, that according to jail records, didn’t even have to pay; since she was released on her own recognizance.


Why Is Jackie Johnson Being Indicted

At the onset of the case, Johnson allegedly told police not to arrest the McMichael’s (son and father who murdered Arbery for jogging in a neighborhood), which is “contrary to the laws of said State, the good order, peace, and dignity thereof,” according to the indictment.


The indictment alleges Johnson used her position of power, as a highly known prosecutor at that time.

While under oath during the trial, Johnson allegedly obstructed police evidence; thus being indicted by a grand jury on a felony charge and the misdeamenor from which she was let out on her own recognance.

The public officer violation charge is a felony that carries a sentence of 1 to 5 years in prison. And the charge of obstruction and hindering a law enforcement officer is a misdemeanor that carries up to 12 months.

Attempting to conceal explicit evidence was Johnson’s intention to cover up for her former co-worker Gregory McMichael; who phoned her the day of the murder, Feb. 23 2020; seeking her ‘help’.

“Jackie this is Greg”, the caller said. “Could you call me as soon as you can? My son and I have been involved in a shooting and I need some advice right away.”

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Jackie Johnson Tried To Get Away With Murder

According to reports, Johnson didn’t return the call right away. But, the McMichael’s werent’ even arrested until two months later. It was only after Gov. Brian Kemp opened the case and had it sent to investigators. The ex prosecutor and loser of the November 2020 re-election tried to keep things on the hush, and for a while, was deceivingly successful; until Gov. Brian Kemp opened the case and had it sent to investigators. Then, after recusing herself she had Attorney George E. Barnhill to take over. However, he too had a conflict of interest onthe case because his son was a co-worker of Johnson’s and George McMichael. They worked on a case prior.

Claiming they thought Arbery was an intruder, the two white men followed Arbery in a pickup truck. The video footage showed Travis McMichael repeatedly calling Arbery ‘a “f–king n—-r” after the killing him and ofen using racial slurs on social media and via text messages from 2019 to a friend, according to court records.

The McMichael’s Racist History Proven In Court

In 2019, he texted boyhood friend Zachary Langford about “shooting a crackhead c—n with gold teeth with a Hi-Point .45,” according to a Daily Mail report.

The prosecutor also pointed to Facebook comment by Travis that used a racial slur for Asian people, according to the report.

Travis commented, “sayonara, ch—k f—ks,” on a photo that Langford had posted last year, according to the report.

There was no evidence found of Arbery intruding, trespassing or committing any crimes that day. Travis McMichael was the active shooter, while his father rode alongside him in a pickup on a chase of Arbery. Gregory McMichael was found guilty on eight of the nine charges whileTravis was found guilty on all nine. Overall, they’ll both serve life in prison, along with William “Broddie” Bryan; a neighbor who recorded the murder and obviously didn’t report it.

Although it was a seemingly cut and dry case, there was yet a crapulent exchange between the defense and prosecution; as Jackie Johnson degraded and victim-shamed Arbery in the most vicious manner. She talked about his ‘dirty toe nails’, degrading his character, and accusing Arbery as the victim for his own death.

CNN has attempted to reach Johnson for comment. She has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and defended her actions, including in an interview with a local radio station in Jesup in May 2020, according to CNN affiliate WSB.

Ahmad Arbery’s Mom Responds To The Indictment

During a virtual press conference Friday, Wanda Cooper-Jones, Arbery’s mother, said that Johnson should serve time in jail.

“She didn’t pull the trigger, but she is just as much to hold accountable as the three guys who actually did this to Ahmaud,” said Cooper-Jones.

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