Travis Scott, Apple and Live Nation Are Hit With 2 Billion Dollar Lawsuit

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Travis Scott

Jacques Bermon Webster II aka Travis Scott is in serious sicko mode since his concert Nov. 5. Last week, it was reported that 125 people were suing the ‘A-Team’ hitmaker, however that number is now spiked up to 282; with the plaintiffs suing Drake, Apple and Live Nation.


Since the deadly tragedy that took place on Nov. 5 during the festival, ten people have been declared dead due to catastrophic crowd crushing. Allegedly encouraged by Drake and Travis Scott during the concert, they told crowds to bumrush the stage and such. A surge took over the crowd and ten people were crushed to death. Unfortunately, several victims are now hittin Scott’s pockets. Hardt!


Currently, the youngest death recorded is a nine year old boy, Ezra Blount, God rest his precious soul. After suffering through a coma, he lost the battle and passed away from blount fource to the brain and other injuries. Blount’s family is being represented by civil rights attorney, Ben Crump.

New Most Recent Lawsuit

On Thursday a new lawsuit was filed by Houston attorney Thomas J. Henry, which says that the organizers all stood to make an “exorbitant amount of money” off of Astroworld; yet they “still chose to cut corners, cut costs, and put attendees at risk.” By asking for $2 billion in damages, the plaintiffs intend to “send the message to all performers, event organizers, and promoters that what happened at Astroworld cannot happen again.”

In an interview with Hollywood Life, Henry stated,

“They have injuries ranging from heart attacks, to heart issues, to brain injuries, to spinal injuries, to broken bones, broken legs, eye injuries, internal organ injuries, bruising and bleeding,” Henry said, adding victims also suffered emotionally. “Those who were injured are still very traumatized because they had to step over dead bodies. They didn’t have a choice because there was nowhere to move. These people were trapped. The crushing effect was so heavy and hard. They couldn’t breathe. They couldn’t get out.”

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What Does Apple Have To Do With This

You’re probably wondering what Apple has to do with any of this… Well, top tech company, Apple, whose responsible for filiming the event; along with Live Nation Entertainment, Tri Star Sports & Entertainment, Epic Records, Scott’s Cactus Jack Records, event security and other organizers are being sued as well. But according to the lawsuit, tech giant, Apple, created a health hazard through its “multimillion dollar purchase, promotion, and implementation of its exclusively online streaming rights” of Astroworld. Additionally, the suit accuses Apple’s cameras, camera stands, and the metal barriers surrounding them of limiting the “means of exit” for a lot of people by splitting the venue “both horizontally and vertically”.

Axel Acosta

Axel Acosta, 21, who died from injuries during the concert is being represented by his family and lawyer; who are leading a group of 125 plaintiffs in this process, seeking $750 million in damages.

The lawyer in that case, Tony Buzbee, expects that the various suits will be “consolidated in a single courtroom in Houston” (where Astroworld took place), maybe “in the next 60 days.” So hopefully this will be wrapped up sooner rather than later.

“Axel Acosta loved and adored Travis Scott and the other performers at Astroworld,” read a copy of the complaint obtained by People. “The feeling was not mutual; certainly, neither Travis Scott nor his exclusive partners, streaming service, record labels, handlers, entourage, managers, agents, hangers on, promoters, organizers, or sponsors cared enough about Axel Acosta and the other concertgoers to make an even minimal effort to keep them safe.”

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“When Axel collapsed, he was trampled by those fighting to prevent themselves from being crushed,” the suit reads. “As he lay there under a mass of humanity, dying, the music played and streamed on — for almost forty minutes.”

Nike Dropped An Anticipated Collab With Travis Scott

Scott had an upcoming collab with Nike for a show, however they’ve postponed it. They were scheduled for release next month. However, a new date has not been given.


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